Aluminium Roof Lanterns Surrey

Aluminium Roof Lanterns SurreyMore and more people are looking to increase the amount of natural light in their homes. There are several reasons for this including because it reduces reliance on artificial lighting. In addition it makes interiors more pleasant and can improve the health of residents. You can do several things to get more light in a property, including choosing the very best aluminium roof lanterns Surrey has to offer.

At SDB Aluminium we work hard to offer the widest selection or roof lanterns and rooflights. These products combine high performance with a stylish design. Choose a bespoke option perfect for your home and rely on us to install the new glazing to the highest standards.

Why Aluminium?

Roof structures have very little shelter from the elements because they extend above the surface. As a result they have to be made from durable materials that will last.

Aluminium is perfect in this regard. Not only is it durable and corrosion resistant; it is also very stable so there should be minimal contraction and expansion. This helps to reduce the risk of leaks. Additional weather stripping boosts performance.

Another benefit of aluminium is its excellent thermal efficiency. Combine it with quality glazing and the rooflights or lanterns can offer great U values.

What Size do you Need?

We offer the widest range of aluminium roof lanterns Surrey clients can ask for. They come in an array of shapes and sizes, including three standards ones that are perfect for most projects. Because many people have bespoke needs though, we also offer non-standard and custom products too. Each of these will be made to the exact dimensions our clients give to us.

Quality Glazing

Pilkington Activ™ glazingAs well as a great frame it is important to ensure the rooflights have the right glazing. We only use the very best glass; Pilkington Activ™. It is suitable for most exterior glazing needs but really excels in hard to reach places. This is because it is very tough and conforms to necessary British and EU standards. In addition the glass won’t suffer from thermal stress breakage.

One thing people worry about with roof lanterns and skylights is how clean they are. It is difficult to reach them and constantly climbing a ladder to wipe them down is a lot of work. Luckily Pilkington glass is self cleaning. As a result it requires less maintenance and should look clear all year round.


There are various options available for opening and closing the rooflights. Choose from a remote or switch, an automated system with climate control, or manual controls.

Order the Best Aluminium Roof Lanterns Surrey Has To Offer

If you want to order a product you can contact us by phone at 01276 485666 to talk about it. Alternatively, send us an email with details or use our contact form. We offer the best quality from start to finish and guarantee you will be happy with your products.