SDB Slimline S Aluminium Sliding Door

SDB Slimline Glide Technical overview:

Applications All general light applications
Features Vision sliding doors incorporates frameless design with 20mm sightlines allowing for as much daylight as possible. Recessed tracks keep interrupted views to a minimum.
Colour Highly efficient double units with thermally broken aluminium allow for low U values. Aluminium able to be painted to any RAL. Syntha Pulvin and BS colours.
U Value 1.3W/m2K (Using a 1.1W/m2K glass unit)
1.1W/m2K (Using a 0.7W/m2K glass unit)
Wind resistence EN
12210:2000 Class C5
Water tightness EN
12208:2000 Class 7A
Air permability EN
12207:2000 Class 4
Document Q Compliant
Document L Compliant
Maximum Dimension Each panel can go 3000mm high by 3000mm, please enquire if you would like to go outside these sizes.
Maximum Weights 500kg - enquire if you would like to go outside this weight.
Frame Depth 44mm
Glazing thickness 28 - 32mm double glazed units - triple glazing available on request.

SDB Aluminium Brochure 2019 rooflights

Frame Finish

Glazing Options