Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions
    1. These terms and conditions apply to all sales and supply of goods and services by “SDB Fabrications Ltd”, and all affiliate guises. The definitions within these Terms are as specified.
      SDB Fabrications Ltd hereafter referred to as “The Company” of 39 Windsor Road, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8LD. Customer: Any individual who enquires regarding goods or services from “The Company”
      Sale: The point at which the contract has been signed off by both the ‘Customer’ and ‘The Company’.
      Supply: Unless otherwise specified in the contract will include fitting and the costs thereof as outlined in clause.
      Goods: The item/s purchased by the ‘Customer’ as specified within the contract and all other materials necessary for installation as clarified in clause.
      Services: All services provided by ‘The Company’ for the ‘Customer’. Property: The Property in which services are to be completed.
    2. These definitions are correct throughout, regardless of clause heading.
    3. No changes to this schedule, terms or conditions whether expressed or implied shall be binding upon the Company.
  2. The Contract
    1. The purchaser shall ensure that the goods and services to be supplied are correctly detailed in the schedule overleaf.
      No addition or variation of this schedule shall be binding upon ‘The Company’ unless agreed in writing by a director of the Company. Any changes to the schedule made by the Customer after survey may be chargeable. The products supplied shall be in accordance with those represented in samples and brochures but ‘The Company’ reserves the right to make changes to these specifications, as may be necessary, without notice to the purchaser. All goods supplied remain the property of ‘The Company’ until payment is received in full, as specified in the schedule. Errors and omissions excluded. Payment terms are strictly net of invoice. Interest may be charged to the Customer on late payments at a rate 1% above prevailing base rate as specified by The Bank of England.
    2. Where entering into contract as a private consumer, you will have a right to cancel within seven days of signing the contract as specified in clause 9.1.
    3. Where entering the contract on a business to business venture. We reserve the right to claim for any lost profits pending cancellation by you.
  3. Survey
    1. The Company shall survey the installation site of the Customer to confirm product sizes and feasibility of goods or services to be provided. It is not the duty of ‘The Company’ surveyor to notify the Customer of any existing defects to the site unless they directly affect the proposed Installation. In such case ‘The Company’ reserves the right to amend the schedule of charges accordingly. If these amendments are unacceptable, the purchaser may exercise their option in clause 9 below.
  4. Delivery
    1. The delivery time quoted overleaf is an estimate based upon market conditions at the time of sale and shall be from the date of signing by the Purchaser. The Company cannot be held responsible or liable in any way for circumstances beyond its reasonable control, which may affect this delivery or installation. The Company may reasonably amend the quoted delivery time by notice to the Customer.
  5. Access
    1. It is agreed that ‘The Company’ shall have reasonable access to the site of the Customer for the purpose of survey, installation or remedial works. Withholding such access unreasonably or without the consent of the Company may incur further charges on the Customer’s account. When the customer’s presence is required, ‘The Company’ shall not be liable for any loss of income or inconvenience of the customer.
  6. Installation
    1. The Company shall use its best endeavours to install the goods within the time scale as detailed in the schedule. Once on site, the Company will endeavour to complete installation (allowing reasonable breaks). The Company shall not be liable for any claims due to delay in installation due to weather or other circumstances beyond its control. As a safeguard to the Purchaser, it is hereby agreed that the Purchaser may exercise their option in clause 9 below should installation exceed a period of six weeks from commencement on site. Furthermore, the customer will be responsible for the removal of all obstacles that may during the course of an installation make it unsafe to carry out the work overleaf.
    2. The customer is responsible for ensuring all vehicles, garden furniture, planters, toys, water butts and any other items are removed from the working area. The customer will ensure that any shrubs or plants are cut or tied back and although every reasonable care is made to ensure that damage to these is kept to a minimum, no claim can be made against the company should damage occur.
    3. The contract will not include details for work to any other buildings including garages or outbuildings to property; re-bedding of verges to gables and replacing felt drips to flat roofs, repairing or making good render or brick work to walls unless specified overleaf. Similarly the contract does not include for making good to plaster, walls, floors ceilings fixtures and fittings on the inside of the property.
    4. Should this work be necessary and ‘The Company’ is the main contractor there would be a separate invoice for building works to be completed.
    5. If the building works are being completed by a third party. All measurements for the products to be installed will be taken upon survey and specified in the contract. Any changes to the ‘Property’ within the timeframe of contract and delivery must be notified to ‘The Company’ immediately and changes to bespoke products due to this may result in an additional cost.
    6. ‘The Company’ shall accept no liability for any minor imperfection or defect cause by manufacturing process, normal wear and tear or environmental factors.
  7. Planning
    1. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that products supplied and installed comply with local planning rules or other covenants, which may apply to the site. It is also the responsibility of the purchaser to obtain the consent of neighbours, prior to installation, where required. Compliance by the Customer is assumed by signing this contract. The Company will not be held responsible or liable for any claims arising as a result of unauthorised installation of its goods or services.
  8. Guarantee / Warranties
    1. Notwithstanding the Purchaser’s statutory rights, the Company offers the following guarantees on goods supplied.
    2. Fascia’s/Soffits in white, 20 years, Guttering in white, 10 years. Foiled products, 10 years.
    3. Aluminium Bi-folding or Sliding Doors 20 years. UPVCu windows 10 years.
    4. This guarantee is indemnified, for a concurrent period of 10 years, by your contract with the CPA (where specified)
    5. This guarantee only covers products and services supplied. Due to settlement or other conditions, rainwater products will only be guaranteed leak proof for one year after installation. A charge may be made for refitting or rectification in the event of callout showing no fault or liability by the company.
  9. Subject to the following conditions;
    The Purchaser must pay, in full, for all goods supplied before any guarantee becomes operational. The Purchaser must follow maintenance instructions for each product as supplied.
    Any defects found should be notified to the Company within seven days of discovery, provided that the product is still within the guarantee period.
    The guarantee does not cover the goods for neglect, misuse, and unauthorised repair, accidental or wilful damage.
    The Purchaser allows the Company reasonable access and opportunity to remedy any defects notified under guarantee The guarantee is transferable, to new owners, upon written notice to the Company.

  10. Rights
    1. You have the legal right to cancel this contract within seven days of the date of signing, provided such cancellation is in writing to the Company. The Purchaser is deemed to have read and understood these terms and conditions and agrees to them by signing the schedule overleaf.